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Halloween 2009

We had a fun Halloween this year, with Finley just starting to walk and able to walk up to people’s doorsteps for candy-getting… he wore the same costume Brie wore when she was almost one, so we were constantly comparing how the two of them looked in it.  They do look surprisingly alike!  I got pumpkin carving pics but didn’t get pictures of the pumpkins finished, and not too many of the kids in costume.  Josh’s mom did get a lot more pictures so hopefully I can get hers soon.  I’ve posted the pics in an album, but have decided to start limiting my photos to my network.  I’ve added everyone I can now, but if you want to be added, just let me know.
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A wonderful parenting/birth book list

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Pumpkin Picking

I’m going to post the pictures from our pumpkin picking in Wilcox in an album, because there are so many…
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Brianna Swimming (Underwater!)

Also from our Tucson trip… great fun!
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Finley is walking!!!

Well, I guess he’s more toddling around.  But he’s doing great.  Think we need to get some video, haven’t gotten any in quite a while.  Here are some pictures from Tucson two weeks ago when we went down to go pumpkin picking…
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Goodbye to Owen.

The world lost a good, sweet, man over the weekend.  A friend from high school, Owen Shelksohn, passed away on friday, unexpectedly.  While I hadn’t spoken to him in quite some time, he was never forgotten.  He was always such a wonderful, caring person, always there to help others.  And with a great sense of humor.  It’s amazing the outpouring of love that I’ve seen for him on Facebook from those who also knew him from high school.  I hope he knew how many people he had touched.  I will be setting up an account to collect money for his wife and family.  Please feel free to donate what you find appropriate.  I’m sure every little bit will help.  How tragic to lose someone so young, just at the beginning of his life.  I will post more info on the account after it’s set up.
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